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Your First Day in College: How to Join the Team?

Freshman at College

Every student, who has just entered college, feels confusion and stress during his first day in a new group. Sure, it is not easy to blend in and become good friends with all of your classmates. Especially if you are shy and uncommunicative with unknown people, it will be a scary experience for you. Such students start searching online in order to find some tips on how to overcome their modesty and talk to someone. Teenagers are afraid that others will find them strange and weird, if they just approach someone and start a conversation. Of course, it is a wrong opinion in the majority of cases. However, it is still the reason why young people are closed off during the first day at college and lose a lot of beneficial opportunities. They cannot show their personalities and then fall far behind their group mates. We want to support such students and give them some useful tips on building relationships with group mates during the first days at college.

Make a Step Forward

Do not be shy to say “Hi” to someone, who you do not actually know. It will show you as a friendly and easy-going person. Probably, your classmate would like to talk to you with you. Sure, you can just sit and wait until someone says several words instead. However, it is not a beneficial variant, if you want to fit in quickly and find new friends. On the other hand, you should not be annoying. If you see that a person does not have any desire to talk to you, it will be better to find someone else for communication.

Stay Positive

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Being a positive person and smiling to other people are the things, which attract your group mates. They will have a desire to talk to you and continue communicating even away from the college. It is a pretty good chance to show your sense of humor: make some enjoyable jokes, but avoid annoying somebody. Remember that positive people find friends faster and adapt to any conditions. Learn how to see good things and reduce the negativity in your life. If you are in a bad mood during the first day at college, your group mates will probably memorize you as an uncommunicative and dull person.

Study Well

Sure, you may think that it does not really matter how you study for fitting in at college. Most of the students concentrate their attention on attracting new friends and being appreciated by professors. Yes, these features are significant, but do not forget about your education. Keep in mind that the workload in college is heavier than it was at school. You have to be ready for this and work hard to get an excellent mark. No one likes people, who do not do anything at the lectures and then try to copy someone else’s work on the exam. In this way, you will get a bad reputation of a dumb person among your group mates. It is better to look like a diligent and clever student.

Show Your Strengths

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It is important to stay unique even if you want to adapt to certain conditions. Do not let someone’s opinion change you. Show your group mates that you are a developed personality and demonstrate your strengths or talents. The other students will be amazed by them and try to keep in contact with you. However, you should not brag any of your advantages, it will turn people away from you and you will look like an impolite one.

Analyze Your Group Mates

It is important to observe people in your new team and analyze their personalities. Sometimes, you may act too fast and make lots of mistakes. Just think if a certain person is honest and clear relating to you. Do not be tricked by somebody’s false smile or false behaviour. In addition, you have to respect your colleagues’ needs and interest as well. Being tolerant and polite is a key to a successful fitting in at college.

All in all, these tips and hints can make your first day at college easier and more pleasant. You should avoid conflicts and try to stay confident; it will attract your group mates. Remember that it is a truly dumb thing to sit and wait for something to happen. Make the first step to meet somebody and you may get a new friend in class. We hope that our article is useful for students and you will overcome your fear of blending in at college. In the next article, we will explain some ways of being appreciated and praised by professors.

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