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Ways of Solving Conflicts with Group Mates

Students Have Conflicts

It is true that conflicts may occur in any studying environment from the group in a kindergarten to the team in a big company. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to prevent them. This is a part of human nature and you should learn some ways of solving them effectively. In such a way, you can make your college life much easier and more pleasant. In addition, you will save your nerves and prevent stress. It is a good idea to combine them with the knowledge, which you gained thanks to our previous articles: methods of improving relationships with professors and group mates. As a result, you will avoid a lot of typical mistakes, which freshmen do at college, and start getting satisfaction from this period of life from the first day on campus.

Analyze Everything

The first thing you should do, when a conflict arises, is taking a break and analyzing the problem. Why do you think such a situation occurred? It does not really matter who is guilty. The most important thing is preventing terrible consequences, which every conflict has: ruined relationships, bad attitude to each other, disrespect and so on. It makes your college life awful and you will feel exhausted at the end of the studying. You have to find the reason why this conflict exists: maybe, you and your opponent just misunderstood and hurt each other as a result.

Discuss Possible Solving

Professor and Students

The best way to solve any conflict, especially if it happens between teenagers, is listening to both sides and discussing the compromise. Everyone should have a chance to speak up for themselves. It is essential to let teenagers present their arguments and points of view to form a full picture. In this way, it is possible to find the most suitable solution, which can please both students. If you take part in such a discussion, it will be a good idea to prepare some statements, which prove your opinion.

Respect the Other Person

Even if you have a conflict with someone, you should remember about respect and tolerance. Without these features, you will get nothing but a quarrel. So, do not let your emotions control you. You should never start shouting at or hurting the other person. It will be very difficult to renew relationships with this groupmate. Of course, you definitely need to protect your opinion and stand by it. However, it is possible to do so in a calm and respectful way. Keep in mind that even if a certain student provokes a conflict with you, you have to stay polite and show that you are better educated. You will look mentally superior to this angry kid.

Ask Your Teacher for Help

Students Arguing

If there is a truly complicated situation, you can ask your teacher to play the arbiter’s role. Do not be shy to do it. A pedagogue will be glad to help you. Sometimes, it is much better, than trying to find a solution on your own. There will be no double-meanings and offenses after a teacher says his opinion. It is a more beneficial way, than hiding your conflicts from adults. This is a common reason for college and school violence.

Do Not Wait

It is a bad idea to wait days or weeks until a small conflict transforms into a quarrel. The longer you do nothing to solve it, the worse consequences will occur. It is very sad to lose friends among group mates, as you have to study and cooperate several years with them. In this way, you make your college life more difficult. So, it is better to have a conversation with the person, with whom you have a small conflict. Make all things clear and find a compromise, as it may be too late to do so after several days. Offenses are often accumulated in our minds and we start arguing with a great aggression at once. Do not let it happen to you. Remember that it is always easier to prevent a conflict than solve it.

All in all, we tried to compile the most useful tips for students, who have just entered a college and are still not ready for adult life. They do not understand the nature of conflicts and ways of solving them. So, a beneficial advice is necessary to avoid mistakes and quarrels. Keep in mind that you have to control your emotions and words all the time. Stay calm and it will be easier to persuade someone and end up a conflict. It is better to make friends, but not enemies in your group at college. We hope that our hints will help you with this issue.

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