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Are you a freshman? Or you have troubles with writings? Find the best student know-hows and other tips to solve all your college problems painlessly!

How to Be Appreciated by Professors?

Students at Lecture

Thanks to our articles, you know how to adapt to new conditions at college and make new friends among groupmates. Of course, these points are essential. However, that is not enough to get satisfaction from your college life. The other thing, which you definitely need, is getting your professors’ appreciation. As a rule, it is harder than building relationships with the most intolerable groupmate. Teachers want you to study well first of all. You may be positive and kind, but if you do nothing during a lesson, they will punish you with bad marks. So, to adapt to new conditions at college, you have to work hard and pay a lot of attention to studying. That will help you to build good relationships with professors and enjoy your college life.

Do Not Be a Teacher’s Pet

Probably, you know about the type of students, who are called teacher’s pet. No one likes them, especially their classmates. Moreover, professors do not respect such young people as well. It looks dumb when a student tries to please his teacher and acts like a hypocrite. It may work at high school, but not at college, where everyone is considered to be an adult with self-respect and polite behavior. Do not annoy both your group mates and professors while trying to be a teacher’s pet. Of course, you can be a volunteer at some events, which your school administration offers, but do not do it for the wrong reasons.

Act Friendly

Sure, you should not be too familiar with your professors: it is impolite. However, it does not mean that you cannot make some good jokes in a certain situation or just talk with your teacher. You have to stay friendly, even if you have just received a bad mark. Be interested in your professor’s life in a good way. Ask about his or her health, especially if your teacher was absent for a long time. It will show your respect and kindness.

Do Not Talk at Lessons

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Talking during a lesson is your worst enemy, if you want to get the teacher’s respect and appreciation. Just control yourself and there will be no troubles with this issue. Put yourself in the teacher’s shoes: it is truly unpleasant when someone interrupts your lecture and distracts other students’ attention. Of course, lessons sometimes may be boring and you cannot listen to your professor’s words. In such a case, there are several ways out. Firstly, you can develop a true interest in this subject and then, you will wait for every lecture eagerly. On the other hand, you can just miss such lessons, but it reduces your chances to build good relationships with teachers.

Prepare Your Homework

You have to be prepared to every single lesson in order to get the teacher’s respect. None of the pedagogues like students, who ignore home tasks and cannot answer any question during a class. So, you should be diligent and work hard both at home and college. Sometimes, it will be a good idea to do several additional tasks.

Participate Actively

Professor Makes Speech

So, you know about the importance of completing homework, but it is not enough to show your skills to the teacher. You have to take part in its checking and do not be afraid to raise your hand. Usually, clever students are too shy to take part in the common discussions and do not support the interaction between teenagers and professor. This makes the teacher’s work much harder, as he is urged to ask everyone separately. Help him and show that you know a certain subject very well. It will improve your professor’s attitude to you. Do not be afraid to say something wrong: it happens even with the cleverest people.

Honesty in Any Question

Do not forget that good relationships are possible to build only on the basis of honesty. If you did not do your homework, it would be better to say it before a lesson starts. You should explain the reason why you ignored a task given by your professor, but avoid lying. It will be better to promise that you will show your homework the next time and complete it with the best quality. Different situations may happen and your teacher will not be angry, if there is a serious reason.

Be Creative

Professors appreciate students, who are able to find some specific and creative approaches to a certain issue. Do not be afraid to offer unusual and original ideas: your teacher will not say that you are weird. Use your creative thinking and talents to solve college tasks. Usually, new conditions help freshmen to open up some skills or a different side of their personality. Remember that creativity is a key to success in studying and you cannot replace it by a simple learning of things by heart.

All in all, building good relationships with your professors may be a difficult task. They are people with they own interests, problems and mood, so be careful while finding the correct approach to a certain teacher. First of all, you have to show your respect and appreciate their work. Do not act as an overconfident person and avoid familiarity. Remember that professors are wiser and more educated than you. So, it is better to perceive your mistakes and thank them for the advice. We hope that these tips and hints are useful for you. In the next article, we will explain the reason behind the majority of college conflicts and the ways of their solving.

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