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Are you a freshman? Or you have troubles with writings? Find the best student know-hows and other tips to solve all your college problems painlessly!

Example of Essay on Blending in at College

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Every single school graduate wants to enter a college to continue education and get some beneficial skills. They wait for the new period of their life and expect it to be wonderful. However, it is a confusing time as well. Students feel stress and homesickness during the first week or even months at college. It is understandable: this is their first experience of independent adult life without their parents and friends. The most important thing for them is blending in and finding new friends at college. It is a pretty difficult task, especially for the shy and not talkative teenagers. The process of adaptation may take months for them. As a result, they cannot live a full life and enjoy all of the campus facilities.

Why Is It Vital to Adapt to College Quickly?

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To adapt to new conditions and fit in at college, a student should know the reasons for it and motivate himself. There are some essential things, which show that the faster a young person blends in, the more pleasant and memorable his college years will become.

Reduce Homesickness

First of all, without adaptation to the new conditions at college, you will suffer from homesickness and miss your family and friends. Of course, it is normal, when a student wants to come back home during the first week on campus. Everything is unknown and there is no support from family members as it was during school years. So, young people cannot concentrate on the important things, namely studying and taking part in different activities. If a student adapts quickly, there will be no homesickness and he will enjoy his college life.

Better Studying

Students cannot study effectively and get good grades until they blend in at college. There is a bigger workload than in a high school. So, teenagers have to concentrate on their education and try to improve their productivity. It is impossible if they do not understand how to adapt to new working conditions and organize their time correctly. It is true that the faster a young person fits in at college, the easier studying will become.

Getting New Friends

When a young person fits in at college, he or she will get an opportunity to build close relationships with lots of students. In this way, a teenager’s life will become more enjoyable and pleasant. If a student is not talkative and behaves in a closed off way, he will not become friends with anyone. It leads to feeling loneliness and even depression.

Which Mistakes Students Usually Do?

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There are several of the most common mistakes, which students usually make during their first week or even year of studying at college. These things may be dangerous for the young people’s well-being. It is essential to prevent such situations and make adaptation to the new life faster and more enjoyable. There are some ways, which can help teenagers to avoid mistakes and lots of terrible consequences, to which they may lead.

Waiting for Something

The typical mistake, which almost all freshmen do, is sitting and waiting for someone else to do the first step. However, it usually leads to nothing except loneliness. This is a common situation, when a shy student just silently listens to other people’s conversations and cannot decide to join to it. The solution is overcoming your own shyness and trying to socialize. It is impossible to blend in without this. Just be friendly and start a simple talk with group mates. Communicative skills are the key to fit in at any educational institution.

No Respect Towards Other People

Another terrible mistake, which young people usually do, is showing disrespect to others. It leads to nothing but a bad attitude to you. Sure, no one likes students, who feel overconfidence and try to put themselves higher than their classmates. However, it is much worse when a teenager is impolite with professors. It influences his or her marks and studying attainments.

Avoiding Campus Facilities

Usually, students avoid participating in college competitions and events. However, they lose a good opportunity to fit in because of this. It happens with shy teenagers, who are afraid to show their talents and abilities. In this way, a lot of clever young people stay lonely and are underestimated.

To sum up, there are lots of ways to fit in at college. However, students make a lot of mistakes during this process. These mistakes can influence their college life badly and result in loneliness. It sounds truly unpleasant. So, it is better to be careful and avoid the majority of typical freshmen mistakes. It is possible to make the college years the best and most enjoyable years of your life. However, you should dedicate your efforts to it and do not waste time during the first days on campus.

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