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Disadvantages of Studying at a Law School

Books and Glasses

In our previous article, we explained the reasons why a young person should choose a law school to get higher education. Sure, there are many benefits of studying there. However, it is not right to take only advantages into account. Law schools are coins whose other side may discourage some enthusiasts. You need to be aware of it.

Some law students decide to leave after the first term. Why? They understand that it was a wrong choice to enroll in a law school. The main reason why young people make such mistakes is their confidence in superiority and perfection of this type of education.

To make such a significant choice in life, you need to know all the details and pitfalls of a certain profession and the study process. That is why we have compiled several disadvantages of being a lawyer and studying jurisprudence.


It is true that this profession is very stressful and demanding. A young person must spend many days to achieve a good result. Moreover, modern lawyers are urged to work with an increasing a number of clients and to constantly improve different business skills.

Why? Most of them run their own small companies and have to deal with all the pitfalls on their own. On the other hand, studying at a law school is stressful as well. You have to read tons of papers and spend almost all your free time on learning them by heart. In addition, the college years are not only exciting but also very difficult. Students encounter various issues, from conflicts with group mates to bad grades or expelling from the law school.

Competition on Market

This is the thing you should know before enrolling in a law school. Probably, you have already imagined a well-paid job in a big company, lots of perks and a fast promotion. However, you should take the huge competition on a job market into account.

Thousands of lawyers graduate every year: this profession is one of the most popular among the young people nowadays. It means that finding a good workplace is not an easy task. Of course, these students think about their opportunities, but then they may be disappointed after graduation. You have to be a truly top-flight specialist to get a nice job if you do not want to work for little money without any chance of promotion.

Lawyer and Clients

Various Clients

Despite the fact that a degree in law is a good chance to make a difference and change the world for the better, not always will you save innocent people from frauds and villains. It usually happens that lawyers have to protect clients whom they do not like, and portray these people in a good light.

However, it may be wrong from a moral point of view. Students are not told about these things at law schools. On the other hand, prosecutors may be even threated by defendants. In the worst cases, these denunciations are brought into life. So, this job is dangerous as well.

The Issue of Time

People who decide to work in the field of law have to do their job even on weekend. They have truly heavy workload. It results in the lack of time for family and friends. It may be difficult for them to build some relationships or enjoy their private life with such a demanding job. However, if a lawyer does not work that much, he or she will probably have a low salary.

Price for Education

One more minus of studying at a law school is a very high payment for it. This is one of the most expensive types of education. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will get a well-paid job after graduation, as we have mentioned above. It may be just a waste of money if a young person decides to work in another field, having a law degree. Keep in mind that old and prestigious colleges make their prices higher not because of the quality of education, but because of their famous names and reputation.

There are some significant disadvantages of getting a degree in law, which should be taken into account by young people who want to choose this profession. Keep in mind that this decision influences your whole life and all the variants should be analyzed thoroughly. Do not expect to get a well-paid job and lots of opportunities right after graduation. Those people who are successful in this field had to work hard to set up their own business and become famous among other lawyers.

We hope that our article was helpful for you. In the next post, we will explain the ways how to turn into a good lawyer.

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