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Month: June 2017

Personal Qualities Which Every Lawyer Should Have

Ancient Law College

Of course, good knowledge and professional experience are necessary for every profession, and the field of jurisprudence is not an exception. Still, it is true that you cannot become successful as a lawyer in case you do not have some particular personal qualities. They will not be replaced by your theoretical or practical achievements. So, be attentive and analyze yourself: decide whether the profession of a lawyer is a good […]

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How to Become a Good Lawyer?

Lawyer and Client

Of course, studying at a law school provides a lot of essentials skills and rich knowledge for lawyers, but this is not enough to reach true success. There are many lawyers and judges. But, unfortunately, not all of them are great specialists. In our previous article, we explained some disadvantages of this profession and failures which students may face after graduation. So, it is the right time to tell you […]

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