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Are you a freshman? Or you have troubles with writings? Find the best student know-hows and other tips to solve all your college problems painlessly!

Month: February 2017

How to Be Appreciated by Professors?

Students at Lecture

Thanks to our articles, you know how to adapt to new conditions at college and make new friends among groupmates. Of course, these points are essential. However, that is not enough to get satisfaction from your college life. The other thing, which you definitely need, is getting your professors’ appreciation. As a rule, it is harder than building relationships with the most intolerable groupmate. Teachers want you to study well […]

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Your First Day in College: How to Join the Team?

Freshman at College

Every student, who has just entered college, feels confusion and stress during his first day in a new group. Sure, it is not easy to blend in and become good friends with all of your classmates. Especially if you are shy and uncommunicative with unknown people, it will be a scary experience for you. Such students start searching online in order to find some tips on how to overcome their […]

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