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10 No’s You Must Learn to Say: Be the Owner of Your Words and Deeds

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That’s not about HOW you can do it. That’s about WHEN you should do it and WHY it is really worth the consequences. We are going to dig deep into your consciousness and memory in order to unearth all those situations when and reasons why you wanted and had to say no but couldn’t. Are you ready to face the truths as they are?

No, You Don’t Want to Become a Lawyer (or Whatever)

‘Why?’, they will definitely ask you. Just because you aren’t fond of the idea that you must know all laws by heart and understand how the whole thing works. You feel like you are more interested in Social Sciences or History, so no one can dare tell you that your preferences are too airy-fairy or anything like that. Protect your right to choose your own professional future.

No, You Don’t Like That Gray Jacket

Yes, it’s much cheaper than the one you do like. But that’s the reason rather to save some money and buy what you want or to look for some other jacket, instead of buying a thing you’ll wear with disgust. Your clothes help you express your unique individuality. So, if it wants something purple or emerald-green, you shouldn’t turn into one of millions gray mice.

No, You Don’t Want to Date That Girl or Guy

It may be strange for you and painful for her or him. But it’s not a matter of your tastes. It’s a matter of your heart and soul, and your whole life, however pathetic it may sound. Be true to yourself even if you usually don’t care that much about what others feel. Besides, if the prospect of a Saturday evening date makes you even more willing to stay at home and watch movies, then it’s better not to waste your time in vain at all.

No, You Don’t Think Your Friend Is Right

Unless your friend is a computer. Still, even these guys sometimes make serious mistakes. If you don’t agree with your friend’s point of view, there’s no need to pretend. Our true friends, those who we can phone late at night as tell how horrible everything is, can always accept our opinions if though they can’t agree with them. But does a “friend” who wants you to believe they are always right really deserve your attention?

No, You Don’t Agree with Your Professor or Boss

First, because you came across opposites views in some other reliable sources and you found them worth your considerations. Second, because your professor or boss is also a human who naturally makes mistakes. Still, you should say your no politely and provide sensible arguments to protect it. Besides, if you can come up with another healthy idea or solution, you should feel absolutely free to offer it.

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No, You Can’t Do This Today (Tomorrow, Next Month…)

Be careful with such no. You should understand that there are people who have done you so much good that you just can’t refuse to help them when they ask for help or to complete the tasks you get from them. These are your parents, teachers, bosses. But if someone’s unexpected and weird request contradicts your morals, principles and just plans for tomorrow, then nothing should prevent from saying no.

No, You Don’t Have Instagram

And there’s nothing wrong with you. I remember when being a 10-12-year-old pupil I told my parents that “everyone has sth”, they asked me: ‘If everyone goes and jumps from the roof of a skyscraper, will you follow them?’ No, till today I definitely wouldn’t. And that’s the thing. You don’t have to follow the crowd if you don’t like the place it heads to.

No, You Don’t Want to Go to That Party

Don’t look for excuses like “tomorrow’s test” or “headache”. Don’t look for excuses at all. If this party doesn’t decide your fate, then you can easily miss the fun. Also, you won’t take an extra risk by tempting providence. It is your right to decide what you want and don’t want to do.

No, You Aren’t Going to Try It (Your Variant Here)

No matter whether it’s about bungee jumping or smoking. Again, you’d better not tempt your fate if you don’t feel like “wow, you’ve dreaming about it all your life”. But stay away from criticizing guys who do bungee jumping and who do smoke. It’s their choice. As well as yours is not to do it.

No, You Don’t Want to Grow Up

Out of the mouth of babes… Children are more creative and sensitive. They actually know better what is good for them and for people who surround them. Keep your inner child safe and sound to be a fair and happy adult. But don’t spoil it anyway.

See the point? It must be your own happy life, so don’t sacrifice it for who and what you don’t like. The only thing you should always keep in mind is that there will be cases when you will have to explain your no. Be ready for this and make sure you are armed with iron arguments.

Good luck!

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